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Master the oldest
recorded martial art
in the world for
practical and realistic
fighting techniques.

Shuai Jiao or “Chinese Wrestling” is the oldest known martial art
in China and is thought by many to be the source of all Chinese Kung Fu.

Now you too can experience this
rewarding program with our
Boca Raton Shuai Jiao classes.

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An excellent system for people of all ages...

Shuai Jiao is similar to Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Aikido and focuses on grappling and wrestling techniques. Since it does not rely on brute force, it is an excellent martial art for both kids and adults. fun.

Wrestlers often train and wrestle well into their 50s and sometimes even their 60s

Tremendous fitness benefits.

Using your hips and shoulders
in the throws, takedowns, sweeps
and locks will increase your mobility,
balance and flexibility. You’ll be taught
to use your whole body rather than relying
on your strength.

You’ll develop good posture, which is vital
in this exciting art.

While Shuai Jiao is a challenging and physically
demanding art to learn, it is incredibly enjoyable
and rewarding.

Reach for the Stars

A variety of techniques to keep you motivated.

Shuai Jiao is a stand-up throwing art that uses trips,
sweeps, throws and takedowns to put your
opponent on the ground while maintaining a
standing position.

It is a very sophisticated art composed
of numerous techniques and specialized
training methods.

Because it provides great physical and mental
conditioning, it is said, “Martial arts plus
Shuai Jiao… the more you practice, the
more you will succeed.”

Ying Yang

Top-notch instructors to train you correctly.

We love teaching and mentoring our students...
helping you reach your goals...
and celebrating your victories.

>If your goals include getting in the best shape
of your life, developing effective self-defense and
combat skills, learning strategies for awareness
and self-protection or developing the superior
confidence, discipline, bravery and wisdom
that traditional martial arts are known for...

We’d love to help you on your journey to Shuai Jiao greatness.

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