Our Little Dragons program will help your child develop essential skills that they can apply to all areas of life while having fun and socializing. We understand how important choosing the right activity for your child is. It should not be so difficult and challenging.

Let’s face it, it can be a bit overwhelming thinking about your child getting older so quickly. As much as you want to think they are prepared for school, every parent has the same questions. Are they ready to socialize with their new classmates? Will they stay focused on the teacher during class and keep up with the other kids?

Our Little Dragons program is designed to enhance your kid’s ability to pay attention and follow directions. In the age of sensory overload, this is a skill that will provide your kids with immediate results that will reflect positively on their academic work. Parenting should not have to be a stressful task you face alone!

Let Boca Raton Martial Arts help you equip your child for success in the real world.

Kung Fu Little Dragons


    4:30 PM

    141 NW 20th Street #A8, Boca Raton


    4:30 PM

    141 NW 20th Street #A8, Boca Raton

4:30 PM

141 NW 20th Street #A8, Boca Raton

4:30 PM

141 NW 20th Street #A8, Boca Raton


Social interaction teaches kids how to effectively work as part of a team.


Martial arts helps improve coordination and is an excellent form of exercise.


Building healthy habits early on can help prevent obesity and diabetes later in life.


Our Pre-School program is ages 3-6, while Pre-Teens is for ages 7-12.

One of our instructors will call you to discuss your event and secure your date, or you may call the school directly.

Our martial arts classes’ primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a playful, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself – the kids have a blast and our instructors do too.

We offer month-to-month memberships, as well as savings on longer plans.

At Boca Raton Martial Arts, it is our mission to help raise a confident, focused leader with the life-transforming experience that is martial arts. While martial arts can be used for self-defense if necessary, our goal is to instill discipline and we do not condone or encourage fighting of any kind between students.

No, our classes are a good mix of boys and girls of all fitness levels. Beginners train alongside some of the more experienced kids, helping each other out in a fun team environment.