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Hello, I am Carlos M. Suarez

In 1997 I began teaching Martial Arts in the area of Boca Raton by that time I had been training for over 10 years, I fell in love being a teacher and student at the same time, the reason to say this it’s because I learn a great deal from every student I have ever taught. Eventually I was able to open my own studio where I had the chance to meet, train and help many people in multiple ways. You are welcome to come and try our classes and feel what we do.





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If you are looking to develop inner strength, balance, coordination, release and alignment of  body, try our Tai chi program, our teaching are the foundations taught by Master Adam Mizner and his school Heaven Man Earth.




Real Client Reviews

I have been training with Carlos off and on for almost 25 years. He is not only a great teacher and martial artist, but he is a great human, as well. Can not recommend him enough

Jason Scott Shatzkamer

5 Star Rating

He is a great teacher and he has a great deal of passion.

Fernando Mendez

5 Star Rating

One of the best experiences of my life! Never before have I been so dedicated to continue learning and practicing anything that I have participated in. Sifu Carlos, has taught me to be strong mentally and physically. I practice Qigong & Tai Chi daily.

Babara Fish

5 Star Rating

We've had a fantastic experience with Carlos and Suarez Martial Arts. My 5-year-old son has been studying with him for the last two years. Under Carlos, he's learning discipline, self-control, and respect for others -- all while having fun! We could not be happier.

Lemise Rory

5 Star Rating

A Studio with a great energy!!!!!

Aniko Toth

5 Star Rating

I think this is the best Kung Fu Academy for children’s, love the way that Sifu Carlos teach kids, my son has been here for two years and he loves to come to his classes. It's challenging, strong and fun at the same time!!! Best Kung Fu Academy in Boca Raton!

Laura Korbman

5 Star Rating

Great class today, wonderful art of tai chi! An amazing energy!!!

Diana Kramer

5 Star Rating

Acquire self-defense, boost confidence, and unlock your full potential.

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