A 2010 research project for children with autism, conducted by the physical therapy department of the University of Wisconsin, found that in the course of learning martial arts, kids with autism and on the spectrum essentially come out of their shells and grew more socially assertive and cooperative. They exhibited better balance, motor coordination, and eye contact was improved and play skills were further developed.

Sifu Carlos and his assistant Daniele, who is also a parent of a down syndrome/autistic child, will develop the classes according to your child’s abilities. With consistency, structure, individualized instruction, positive reinforcement, fun, and constant goal setting to help your child progress. Martial arts help improve their balance, coordination, interaction, discipline, and comprehension skills!

The benefits of the program are abundant not only for the students but for the parents, giving them a sense of belonging somewhere without being judged! Our goals are for the children to have fun as they learn at their own pace without pressure!

Fitness Martial Arts for Special needs

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Enhance Concentration and Self-Restraint.

Elaborate physical activities like martial arts are known to enhance the brain's neural networks, aiding children in boosting concentration and self-regulation. This proves particularly advantageous for kids with ADD/ADHD.


Belt testing presents a superb opportunity for kids to master goal setting and achievement. As they witness their hard work paying off, their self-esteem soars with each accomplishment.

Esteem & Self-assurance

Martial Arts assist individuals with special needs in establishing a strong groundwork for adulthood by fostering a positive mindset and a commitment to ambitious goal-setting.


At Boca Raton Martial Arts, it is our goal is to understand the parent and the child’s personal needs, since every special needs are different, it is important to us to get to know the parents and child in order to help them and guide them the best way possible.

Our special need program starts at 5 years old.

Our martial arts special needs program is about helping the child (according to his/her needs) in order to develop better listening skills and be able to follow directions in order to be included it in a regular class

We offer private classes in the beginning, according to the child’s development our goal is to eventually make him/her part of our regular class

Acquire self-defense, boost confidence, and unlock your full potential.

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